Color Wars Kickoff Energizes Dancers

The main gym at the White Building turned into a sea of red, blue, green and orange on Wednesday night. THON’s dancers thus began their journey toward the best weekend of their lives with the Color Wars Kickoff.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Color Wars, it is a set of events that take place during THON weekend between the four colors that the dancers and their moralers are separated into. Whoever wins first place for an event is awarded four points, second place three points, third place two points and last gets one point.

This year, bonus points have been added to the competition. The color with the most kids participating in the games earns two points towards their final score.

The theme for this year’s Color Wars is “Pixar: To Infinity and BeTHON!” The teams are represented by:

  • Red Team: The Incredibles
  • Green Team: Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story
  • Blue Team: Sully from Monsters, Inc.
  • Orange Team: Nemo from, well, you know what he’s from.

After Wednesday night’s three events, the Red Team (which is my team, don’t you know) is in the lead going into next weekend. That’s when this whole experience will become a reality for the dancers, and the Bryce Jordan Center will be alive with the spirit of the Four Diamonds: courage, honesty, strength and wisdom.

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