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Day: February 10, 2011

Harrisburg PASS Rally Set for Tuesday

Members of the University Park Undergraduate Association will join 100 Penn State students as they travel to Harrisburg this Tuesday to hold a rally at the Capitol Building. They will be joined by students from the three other member schools of the Pennsylvania Association of State-Related Students (PASS): Temple, Lincoln, and Pitt.

State Patty’s Day: Keep Your Guests in Check

Dorm floors and apartment couches are getting booked faster than local hotels on a home football weekend. Yep, that must mean State Patty’s Day is right around the corner. Brace yourselves for an influx of visiting students from all over. Let’s face it. We love Penn State, and we want everyone else to love it too. However, playing host to so many guests during Penn State’s most infamous holiday has led to some unfortunate consequences.

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The Last Roll of Kodachrome

Steve McCurry, the Penn State alum famous for his National Geographic cover of an Afghan girl, recently shot the final roll of Kodachrome ever manufactured.

The Final Fundraising Push for THON 2011

Although there are only eight days until THON 2011, there are still plenty of ways your organization can reach its fundraising goals. Find out what you need to know about the final canning weekend, what THON-line is and also how it works as well as more information about both the THON raffle and THON blood drives, after the jump.

UPUA Approves SHAG Week

When I agreed to cover this week's UPUA meeting, filling in for the illustrious Dan McCool, I was told this should be a short meeting. However, as I should have assumed, there was some lengthy debate on a few of the proposed resolutions, as UPUA representatives are wont to do.

In summary, here's what UPUA accomplished tonight:

  • Approved SHAG Week
  • Agreed to buy a stage
  • Slightly changed their bureaucratic structure
  • Decided to have a "not-about-tuition" rally in Harrisburg
  • Made me miss the mid-season premiere of Modern Family

Read on for a more detailed account of the meeting.

Reader-Submitted Post

Spanier Submits Recipe to International Cookbook to Bridge Gap

President Graham Spanier and his wife Sandy submitted a recipe to the International Cook Book to represent America as an international culture, on Thursday evening.

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