The Final Fundraising Push for THON 2011

Although there are only eight days until THON 2011, there are still plenty of ways your organization can reach its fundraising goals. From canning trips to possible new cars, Onward State has compiled some last-minute tips from member of our staff who moonlight as THON captains, chairs and committee members.

Canning Weekend #4: Hopefully by now you know the drill! This Friday to Sunday marks the fourth and final fundraising weekend for the 2011 THON season. Canning weekend #4 is usually the most difficult to get members to attend because of its proximity to THON and the bitter cold February weather. Remind your members that the number of dancers you receive is from your previous year’s final total so every dollar raised really does count! Although dancers and captains are advised not to go canning this weekend, it is still allowed. We recommend ALL students who go canning to dress in layers (don’t forget your Under Armour!) and stock up on both hand-warmers and feet-warmers. If you are dancing, remember to take breaks and rotate shifts with other people on your shifts. Raising the exact few hundred dollars is important but you do not want to miss any part of THON weekend because you are sick.

THON-line Fundraising: THON-line is a great way to follow up with any family member or friend that you sent a solicitation letter to throughout the year who has not donated yet. You can email up to 15 people at a time and there is no limit to the number of THON-line letters you can send out. Definitely remind people to credit your organization because online donations are statistically double the amount received from a regular THONvelope! More information about THON-line fundraising can be found here and you can always tell your organization’s THON chair to email their Communications liaisons with any questions they may have.

THON Raffle: Raffle tickets are being sold in the HUB from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday. If you’re lucky you may be able to purchase your $5 ticket from one of our editors, Caity Rogowski! The $5 ticket can be credited to your organization until Monday, February 14. Raising more money for THON and the chance to win a new Suzuki car, a sweet laptop or a trip to Europe? Win-win situation.

THON Blood Drives: By coming out to any one of the Red Cross blood drives and donating, you can credit $4 to any organization of your choice. Information about times and locations for upcoming blood drives can be found on

Happy fundraising! Let us know if we missed any fundraising opportunities for your organizations.

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