Showdown in the Valley

You’re not canning this weekend and campus is empty, so what should you do?

This Saturday is the third annual boxing show, which will take place in the White Building. Tickets are only a few dollars at the gate. Although Penn State is known for its football, boxing used to be a division one sport in the 70s and Showdown in the Valley is bringing it back.

Boxers from all over, including West Virginia, Mansfield, Lock Haven, University of Maryland, VMI, and more will be coming to fight. Each fighter is matched up to his competitor according to weight and experience; this makes the fight equal. According to coordinator Anthony Williams, “it is boxing, but student safety is our first priority. There won’t be a guy with zero fights against a guy who has had ten fights.”

The show consists of an afternoon portion that begins at 3 p.m., which will be the visiting teams fighting each other. After an intermission, the evening portion starts at 7 p.m. and features Penn State versus the visitors. The show consists of a total of 33 amateur bouts. Each bout has 3 two-minute rounds that include a one-minute resting period in between each round.

Each winner will be awarded a medal. This sport is extremely fast-paced and exciting. As a spectator, you will be wowed.

Williams states, “Some of the best collegiate boxers in the country will be in attendance representing their schools.”

This is a great opportunity to show our school spirit, since no matter the sport, WE ARE PENN STATE.

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