Day: February 17, 2011

Bubble Talk Resumes As Penn State Defeats Minnesota

With 10:41 left in the first half of Thursday night's game, Jeff Brooks was called for his second foul of the game and joined Andrew Jones, who picked up two quick ones not even two minutes into the game, on the bench. That's when Talor Battle put on his cape and saved the day, not to the surprise of anyone in the Bryce Jordan Center.

Battle tied a career-high with seven three-pointers, most of which came from at least 25 feet away, and scored 28 points to lead Penn State to a 66-63 win over Minnesota.

Why Do I THON?

In one day, about 30 hours from when this post will be published, I, along with 707 other brave souls, will stand up on the floor of the Bryce Jordan Center and not take a seat for another 46 hours. But why do I THON? Find out after the jump.

UPUA to Vote on Lewistown Amtrak Shuttle

The University Park Undergraduate Association saw a special presentation from Off-Campus Representative Haley McClernon about the possibility of running a shuttle from State College to the Amtrak station in Lewistown, which are not currently linked.

The Assembly will vote on two proposals next week, one service offered through Fullington Tours, and the other through Nittany Express. Budget-balancing enthusiasts, accounting majors, sharpen your pencils.

It seems pretty cut and dry, but when you stop a minute to think, there are some more factors that can enter into the decision making process. So you can check out the presentation shown to the Assembly and decide for yourself. Most importantly, tell your representatives what you think! Let them make no mistake about what you, as their constituent, want.

THON 101: The Glossary

As the latest issue in our THON 101 posts, this presents the glossary, like the one in the back of your textbook that defines all the terms printed in bold. You can’t get this one at the Student Bookstore, or any bookstore downtown, and best of all, it's free. Here is the breakdown on useful terms you will probably come across during a THON weekend.

UPUA Chastized for Poor Rally Attendance

Last night's University Park Undergraduate Associaion meeting started off as any other, with an open student forum. Two students stepped forward, bringing to attention an article in today's Collegian about the incredibly low turnout of Penn State students at Tuesday's Rally for Higher Education in Harrisburg.

The contingent from Penn State (University Park) maxed out at a whopping 13, only two of which were in the UPUA: President Christian Ragland and Director of Governmental Affairs Travis Salters. Ragland said that no Assembly members attended.

THON’s Man of Mystery: Barry Bram

Outside the spotlight of many organizations and famous people, there are often "behind the scenes" characters who help guide those in the public's eye to success. This is how one might describe Barry Bram, the Senior Associate Director of Union and Student Activities in Student Affairs, and THON advisor. I sat down with Mr. Bram to find out who this mystery man really is. Out of the shadows, and into the light.