UPUA to Vote on Lewistown Amtrak Shuttle

The University Park Undergraduate Association saw a special presentation from Off-Campus Representative Haley McClernon about the possibility of running a shuttle from State College to the Amtrak station in Lewistown, which are not currently linked.

The Assembly will vote on two proposals next week, one service offered through Fullington Tours, and the other through Nittany Express. Budget-balancing enthusiasts, accounting majors, sharpen your pencils.

On-Campus Representative Adam Boyer summed it up as “simplicity versus reputation.” The Fullington service, with an established, well-insured company, would cost $12,000 per semester and be free for students. The Nittany Express service would be “more personalized,” McClernon said, and cost only $1,500 per semester. But Nittany Express isn’t as recognized a company and doesn’t have as big a fleet as Fullington does.

But multiple people brought up the question: who here actually uses Amtrak to get anywhere? Would you if this shuttle were in place?

It seems pretty cut and dry, but when you stop a minute to think, there are some more factors that can enter into the decision making process. So you can check out the presentation shown to the Assembly and decide for yourself. Most importantly, tell your representatives what you think! Let them make no mistake about what you, as their constituent, want.

But for the meantime, while you’re still in Happy Valley, you’re only a few weeks away from getting UPUA-sponsored “Know Your Rights” cards, a 411 for if you should ever, God forbid, have an encounter with the police. Tells what information you have to and don’t have to give, pretty useful stuff.

David Frankenfield was also confirmed as UPUA Deputy Elections Commissioner for Events.

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