Dancer Profile: Mike Lytle

While exploring the floor during the first hour of THON, Onward State caught up with senior Mike Lytle from Penn State Behrend Campus right before he learned the line dance.

OS: Who are you dancing for this year?
Rylee Dorer.

OS: What organization are you from?
I’m an independent dancer from Penn State Behrend.

OS: What is your major?
Business Economics

OS: What part of THON are you looking forward to most?
Playing with the kids.

OS: What is your game plan for staying on your feet this weekend, besides your moraler?
I’m pretty much winging it.

OS: What is your favorite part of THON?
When they reveal the total.

OS: Even though THON just started, what have you enjoyed so far?
The human tunnel was pretty fantastic.

OS: What made you want to dance?
I’m involved in a 24-hour dance marathon for my campus, and that encouraged me to dance this year for 46 hours.

OS: What inspires you the most?
ML: My uncle who beat pediatric cancer from the hope he felt all around him.

OS: Finally, what are you going to do to keep you going all weekend?
I have a prayer card from my grandpa’s funeral that I will look at whenever I feel tired.

OS: Well good luck this weekend we’ll be cheering you on!
ML: Thank you so much.

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