OS Dancer Dan Update: Hour 4

As hour four comes to a close in the Bryce Jordan Center, THON has only just begun to take over State College for the weekend. Line dances have been taught and practiced, dinner has been served, and the 708 dancers campaigning FTK aren’t the least bit worried about getting tired. The staff here at Onward State is proud to say that one of our editors, @DanVecellio, is on the floor representing the Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.  We decided to check-in to see how he was doing.

OnwardState: So how are you feeling now that you’re over three hours in?
@DanVecellio: I feel great, I feel fresh.

OS: When do you think you’ll start to feel the lack of sleep?
DV: I’m giving it to at least until tomorrow night before it starts to hit me.

OS: Have you mastered the line dance yet?
DV: Not yet, I got distracted by food the first or second time.  It usually takes me six or seven tries until I get it anyways.

OS: What songs are you looking forward to hearing this weekend?
DV: Well, I really like this song (as he dances to “Cupid Shuffle”), but since dancers can each request two songs, I chose “Somebody to Love” by Queen and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga.

OS: How long is the line dance stuck in your head after THON weekend?
DV: To be honest, I could still sing you my freshman year’s dance; it stays in your head that long.

OS: Who is your moraler and how is she doing so far?
DV: Her name is Michelle Mignogna and she is freakin’ awesome.

OS: What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
DV: I just can’t wait to see the kids having a good time.

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