Moralers Keep Dancers On Their Feet

Approaching half way through THON weekend, dancers are starting to feel the fatigue. Moralers all over the floor are doing whatever they can to help their dancers stay motivated.

Moraler Sarah Andreychick is doing her best to keep her dancer, Emily Yermack, pushing forward. Sarah, a junior Public Relations major, has been a part of morale for all three years of her college career.

“I ‘m just trying to keep her busy and keep her feet moving,” said Andreychick. “I’m trying not to let her think about it, it’s all mental.”

Emily, a senior Broadcast Journalism major, has help from her family as well. They made the trip to State College for the weekend, along with her boyfriend, in support.

Emily is no stranger to THON, she has been involved for all four of her years at Penn State. She spent her first three years as a moraler. In order to keep herself going, Emily wrote “For:” on her wrist with the names of all the children she has met so far this weekend below it. If she catches herself yawning, she can just glance down at her wrist for some inspiration.

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