Sink ’em FTK!

Drinking and THON are two things that usually don’t go together. Organizations that make drinking a part of canning trips do so discretely, knowing full well the special place the world’s largest student-run philanthropy takes in the hearts and minds of Penn Staters the world over. Penn State does drinking well and they do THON well– just not at the same time.

Well, at least that’s usually the case.

We were chilling on Twitter this morning when we saw a link for the 6th Annual THON Beer Pong Tournament. Taking place this afternoon at the Ship of Fools, a bar in New York City’s Upper East Side, the tournament will cost $40 and include all you can drink domestic drafts and well drinks. A healthy dose of remorse for spending your afternoon drinking in a bar while 708 students endure extreme physical discomfort to raise money for the mitigation of healthy cancer? That comes free.

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