Songs We Want to Hear at THON (and Never Will)

I don’t know about you, but there are a few songs that I and the rest of the Onward State staff are sick of hearing on repeat. We’re looking at you, Katy Perry, Backstreet Boys and Lady Gaga. So we’ve got some suggestions for DJ Larry Moore to add to next year’s playlist.

“Pokemon Theme S0ng” – Can you think of a more FTK TV show? I mean, Ash has been 10 years old for, like, 15 years now! And let’s be honest — Furby did NOT deserve to win the #1 fad of the 90s in the mail call video.

“Go F*** Yourself” by Unite and Conquer – You didn’t think we’d make this list without some good ‘ole pump-up music. After all, isn’t that what the music of THON is supposed to do?

The Complete Works of Wagner – Whoever dubbed the term “Mozart Effect” obviously never listened to this pop music mastermind (of the mid-19th century). Considering some of his operas lasted 15 hours, it would be perfect to fill up time at THON. Plus, he used canons.

4’33” by John Cage – The constant loud music at THON can sometimes be stressful on the eardrums. This track is the perfect way to get away from all of that and mellow out a little.

“Idiot Boyfriend” by Jimmy Fallon – This is pretty self-explanatory. The guy was literally willing to pay $1,000 to ensure this song was heard at THON.

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