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Day: March 3, 2011

Student Government Gains More Powers

The authority of the University Park Undergraduate Association has recently come under scrutiny, but the powers of both the UPUA and Council of Commonwealth Student Governments have increased significantly as of last night, when the UPUA passed legislation to appoint students to the Student Technology Advisory Committee. The UPUA also passed a policy three years in the making which will allow of its Board of Arbitration to select two members on the University Hearing Board, which is part of Judicial Affairs.

Penn State Football: Arrests with Honor?

Penn State football has finally returned to the top five, but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. In a "special investigation" done by Sports Illustrated and CBS News on crime and college football, Penn State was tied for 4th in players charged with crimes with 16 heading into last season.

Opinion: DeChellis, Curley Need To Stop Yanking Our Chains

Well we fell for it again. It was supposed to be different this time. For the second time this season, we had a game billed as "The Biggest in Bryce Jordan Center History." Surely the 15,000+ who packed the BJC would not be disappointed again. Maryland was an aberration. We were taking on an Ohio State team that we only lost to by three IN Columbus and Purdue and Wisconsin showed that this team was beatable, that it did have flaws. Lastly, it was Senior Night. It was the last chance for this team to make sure they had a shot to make it to the NCAA Tournament, something that Talor Battle and the gang had yet to experience. It was time for that last miracle to occur and who better for it to come against than the top-ranked team in the nation.

And then, we remembered that Ed DeChellis still coached this team.

Battle of the Bands Contestants Announced

This year's Battle of the Bands contestants were announced today. Bands will have a chance to compete to play at Movin' On this year.

Transit Plays House Show at Casa Blanca in State College

On Tuesday, Run For Cover artist Transit played a house show at La Casa Blanca, hosted by student music organization Asylum.

Transit is a rising pop-punk band on the same label as local musician, Koji.

The show also featured the band Handguns who has recently released their first label album called "Don't Bite Your Tongue."

Transit's house performance kept fans rocking as they played some tracks from their new album "Something Left Behind," and thanked the audience for those who came to see them.

Penn State Rapper U Talks with OS

Over the course of this year, it seems that a large influx of rappers or hip hop collectives have been emerging from Penn State's ranks. One rapper, Ugochukwu Onyiata, or as he goes by, The 'U', has recently caught my attention. I witnessed this man spit his stuff on several occassions, including this past Friday, and he has yet to disappoint me. I booked a meeting with 'U' which went down as follows: we played Madden; listened to some new, unreleased tracks of his; watched Duke vs. Clemson; discussed Lil' Wayne; and then finally did the interview. Check it out after the jump.

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