SPA to Feature Students in Noontime Concert Series

Last Saturday’s Battle of the Bands event was a great representation of Penn State students’ musical talent. However, for those who were left wanting more, the SPA Noontime Concert Series has your remedy. Tomorrow’s show, the Student Showcase 2, will be the second time that SPA has featured the students this year.

As with all SPA Noontime shows, the artists will perform in the HUB first floor lounge, and the concert is free to everyone. Here is the list of musicians and their time slots:

Electric Empire  :  12:00-12:15
James Millican  :  12:15-12:30
TonyP  :  12:30-12:45
Mike Lloyd  :  12:45-1:00
Sunny B  :  1:00-1:15
Nick and Derek  :  1:15-1-30

Those who don’t pass through the HUB very often should make an exception tomorrow to support their fellow students and enjoy an afternoon of music.

For more information on SPA and the Noontime Concert Series, visit their website at or follow @PSU_SPANoontime on twitter.

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