Day: March 24, 2011

Penn State Student to Appear in April Playboy

Penn State has a proud tradition academics, football, drinking and... porn? Apparently so, since Penn State student Aisha Jamal (aka "Laila Rose") will appear in the April 2011 edition of Playboy with, um, lots to share.

Adewumi Ticket Addresses Recent Conflicts

Thursday morning, UPUA presidential candidate David Adewumi and vice-presidential candidate Sri Pisupati called a news conference to address the recent controversy that has surrounded their campaign. They said that while they have been criticized since the beginning of election season, their passion for Penn State and its students has not vanished and they are determined to make the university and its student government better. After much difficult thinking and back-and-forth, they reached the decision to stay in the race.

The full text of Adewumi's prepared remarks after the jump.

Pokey Stix Eating Contest on Saturday

Holy Toledo! Here's another Gumby Adventure! State College’s favorite drunk food is having another eating contest. The amazing smell of Pokey Stix will fill the HUB Saturday afternoon at 2 as GlobeMed at Penn State teams up with Gumby’s Pizza for the second annual Pokey Stix Eating Contest.

UPUA Funds More Projects in Final Meeting

Though overshadowed by election news, the 5th Assembly of the University Park Undergraduate Association met for the last time Wednesday night. The General Assembly meeting began before a packed house in 302 HUB. It was a time for seniors to give fond farewells, and for others to look forward to what the 6th Assembly might bring.

SPA to Feature Students in Noontime Concert Series

Last Saturday's Battle of the Bands event was a great representation of Penn State students' musical talent. However, for those who were left wanting more, the SPA Noontime Concert Series has your remedy. Tomorrow's show, the Student Showcase 2, will be the second time that SPA has featured the students this year.
As with all SPA Noontime shows, the artists will perform in the HUB first floor lounge, and the concert is free to everyone. Read on for the list of musicians and their time slots.

Penn State “Iron Chef” Competition To Benefit Local Food Bank

Penn State students will compete in an Iron Chef style competition this Saturday at the Hintz Family and Alumni Center. The event, hosted by the Nutrition Graduate Student Association, will raise money to benefit the State College Area Food Bank. Teams of three will cook to impress a panel of judges.

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