PSU Bike Share Offers Rentals Free Of Charge

Have you ever wanted a quicker way to class than walking or taking the bus? Or have you ever wanted cruise down the sidewalk like you own it with complete disregard to pedestrians? If so, Penn State’s bike share is for you.

The bike share is run through Simmons Hall by the PSU Bike Share, a non-profit, student-run organization. Students who have pre-registered will be able to rent bikes for the day with their student ID at the commons desk. Students can rent bikes between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.  A lock, key, and helmet will all be free of charge.

Currently there are seven bikes available for rent. Two other bikes are being repaired in hopes that they will be ready for use in the near future.

The bike share project is set to last for one month to measure the effectiveness and determine whether there is a demand for bikes at Penn State. PSU Bike Share would like to expand the project after the trial to have more bikes readily available for students.

Score one for the students. On a campus that limits my paper use, ultimately forcing me to pay extra, and requires me to buy a gym membership on top of an activity fee, PSU Bike Share offers a great service for nothing.

Students can pre-register for bike rentals at the Simmons commons desk or online at

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