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Day: March 30, 2011

Adewumi Mass Emails Campus for Campaign

At 2:47 p.m. today, I got an email in my Penn State Webmail account signed by former Penn State lineman, helluva football player, and great student Stefen Wisniewski. Only the email address didn't exactly match up with the sender; I happen to know that the sender's address belong to David Adewumi, who evidently had Wisniewski write a short plug for his presidential try.

Astronaut & Spacey: Hump Day Hip Hop

Not only is the week half way over, Lil Wayne is in Happy Valley for a show at the BJC. It's time to get it poppin' like a semi-automatic! You're going to need some tasty jams for the pre-game and post-game (the man himself has the actual game covered). Check out this week's installment of Hump Day Hip Hop in order to properly prepare yourself for Lil' Tunechi's arrival, as well as a review of Wiz Khalifa's brand new cd, "Rolling Papers."

Clutch Hitting Brings the Softball Team Success

There was something much sweeter about opening the Nittany Lion Softball Park in a game against a Big Ten rival. The team was scheduled to debut the park against Buffalo on Thursday, but thanks to some Pennsylvania weather, the game was postponed into April. Instead, Beard field’s inaugural game was to be against Wisconsin. Find out how it and the rest of this week's games went.

The Foster Conference Fosters Feller’s Charisma

“You should read my early coverage of bear hunting. It was awesome.” Let that sink in for a moment. Two chairs sat on the State Theatre Stage, separated by a small table holding two coffee mugs. But no, James Lipton and Inside the Actor’s Studio were not making a guest appearance. The stage was set for Ben Feller, the chief White House correspondent for the Associated Press and owner of the above quote, to own the night.

Jeffrey Miron Discusses Drug Legalization

Dr. Jeffrey A. Miron, Economics professor at Harvard University, spoke about the legalization of drugs in America at the Willard building last night. Miron advocates drug legalization and has been researching it for 15 years.

The United States spends $41 billion each year on prohibition enforcement and forgoes $47 billion in tax dollars. Drug arrests account for 13 percent of all arrests. Miron proposes that the government legalize all drugs and tax them just like an everyday commodity.

Miron argued that drug laws in America are ineffective and that only harm comes from prohibition. Underground markets can’t use the legal system to solve disputes, therefore they resort to violence. Not to mention underground societies don’t exactly pay their taxes.

UPUA Debate Offers Drama, Little Substance

Presidential candidate David Adewumi had a good point when he said that most of the student body wasn't attending last night's debate, and that the majority of people who were had already made up their minds as to who they were voting for. And he was right: clearly divided sections of supporters indicated their choice by the brightly-colored shirts they wore.

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