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Day: March 30, 2011

Adewumi Mass Emails Campus for Campaign

At 2:47 p.m. today, I got an email in my Penn State Webmail account signed by former Penn State lineman, helluva football player, and great student Stefen Wisniewski. Only the email address didn't exactly match up with the sender; I happen to know that the sender's address belong to David Adewumi, who evidently had Wisniewski write a short plug for his presidential try.

Astronaut & Spacey: Hump Day Hip Hop

Not only is the week half way over, Lil Wayne is in Happy Valley for a show at the BJC. It's time to get it poppin' like a semi-automatic! You're going to need some tasty jams for the pre-game and post-game (the man himself has the actual game covered). Check out this week's installment of Hump Day Hip Hop in order to properly prepare yourself for Lil' Tunechi's arrival, as well as a review of Wiz Khalifa's brand new cd, "Rolling Papers."

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Resolution Honoring THON Introduced in U.S. Senate

Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey practiced some across the aisle bipartisanship this week by jointly introducing a resolution congratulating THON on its fundraising efforts.

Clutch Hitting Brings the Softball Team Success

There was something much sweeter about opening the Nittany Lion Softball Park in a game against a Big Ten rival. The team was scheduled to debut the park against Buffalo on Thursday, but thanks to some Pennsylvania weather, the game was postponed into April. Instead, Beard field’s inaugural game was to be against Wisconsin. Find out how it and the rest of this week's games went.

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The Arab Spring: What Does it Mean?

For many years, Iran and the Arab states have been rigid dictatorships with widening gaps between rich and poor, tight controls over all kinds of communication, secret police, prisons, torture, and phony elections. This "Arab Spring" is changing all this, though in most countries no one knows for sure if it will succeed.

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Sports Columnist Signs on for Paterno Book

Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski says that his latest assignment– a book chronicling the life of Penn State coach Joe Paterno– is a dream job.

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