Adewumi Mass Emails Campus for Campaign

At 2:47 p.m. today, I got an email in my Penn State Webmail account signed byformer Penn State lineman, helluva football player, and great student Stefen Wisniewski. Only the email address didn’t exactly match up with the sender; I happen to know that the sender’s address belong to David Adewumi, who evidently had Wisniewski write a short plug for his presidential try.

Here’s the text of the email:

My name’s Stefen Wisniewski, three-time All-American lineman at Penn State.

It takes me 5.3 seconds to run a 40-yard dash, and it takes that long to help out my buddy, Dave.

I’ve graduated and now I want to see Penn State in good hands when I’m gone.

Join me in supporting my friend, David Adewumi and Sri Pisupati (whose dad teaches EGEE 101) by going here:, selecting adewumi/pisupati, select review, and confirm. (link).

Thanks and For the Glory,


Wisniewski confirmed to the Collegian that the message was authentic and his. Most of the recipients, however, were not appreciative:

But Adewumi gave a nod to Wisniewski for helping him out:

Did anyone else get the email? Did it convince you one way or the other?

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