New UPUA Elects Committee Chairs, Other Positions

Last night was the first meeting of the University Park Undergraduate Association’s Sixth Assembly, and also the first meeting of the TJ Bard administration. Both new and returning members of the UPUA were sworn in. Other than that, though, nothing exciting really happened. Since the new Assembly hasn’t had time to meet and discuss new legislation, it was just Assembly representatives running for, debating on, and voting for committee chair positions.

First was the position of Chair of the Assembly, which Jess Pelliciotta held for the Fifth Assembly. Long-time UPUAer Kelly Terefenko narrowly beat out the Assembly’s most senior member, Adam Boyer, for the position, 19-17.

Normally I would lambaste the Assembly for lengthy debate, as the meeting lasted over three-and-a-half hours, but I can understand this when you’re putting people in leadership positions—at the helm of your organization.

So I’ll save you the long discussion and just give you the names and positions:

Academic Affairs Chair: John Zang
Facilities Chair: Tyler Doppelheuer
Governmental Affairs Chair: Adam Boyer
Internal Development Chair: Nick Grassetti
Programming Chair: Kyle Lorenz
Student Life & Diversity Chair: Dan Heitlinger

New Vice President Courtney Lennartz will serve once again as the UPUA Student Senator on the University Faculty Senate.

One theme that was common to the chair-elects was experience; the Assembly, in making plugs for candidates, would cite their choice’s experience in UPUA and knowing their way around. No newcomers were elected as committee chairs.

The one notable exception was the new Non-Voting Student Representative on the State College Borough Council, in which Collegian reporter-turned-rookie representative Brendan McNally defeated Malcolm Pascotti for the position. The decision came seemingly over anxiety over Pascotti’s time commitments in UPAC among other things, as well the fact that he will be living in Harrisburg this summer instead of State College, where McNally will be full-time.

So, in essence last night’s meeting was more of a “meet the Assembly” affair, with the leadership positions all slotted up now. Time will tell if these were good decisions.

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