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Day: April 7, 2011

How Did GSpan End Up at American Idol?

Last night during American Idol, President Graham Spanier was spotted in the audience of American Idol, which was being filmed in Los Angeles, CA. Spanier was seated between show host Ryan Seacrest's father and sister. Spanier explained in an email to's Adam Smeltz that the two had become acquainted because Seacrest's father is an alumnus of Penn State.

Penn State Activism, the Little Engine that Could

There are many haters when it comes to activism at Penn State. Many students see protests as a waste of time. That's better then the rest of students who don't even know that there are protests going on at all. But with Monday's walk-out and Tuesday's Capital Day, is activism becoming contagious? Are students finally becoming engaged in politics? It's not quite as bad ass as a European riot, but we're getting there.
As students become more involved, I can't help but wonder what could have caused the sudden change in interest. Did the rallies we once diss actually make a difference? Can the controversial protests actually be the root of this political epidemic?

Neil deGrasse Tyson: ‘The Universe Is in Us’

It’s not an easy task to combine comedy and science. The last time I tried to make such a joke, my friend angrily stared at me for a few seconds, slapped me, and told me never again. Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson seems to have figured out the right formula, and it probably has something to do with the fact that he knows what he is talking about, unlike math-inept me.

Stepping onto the Eisenhower Auditorium stage, Tyson slipped off his shoes and relieved the weight of his pockets, prepping himself for an intimate evening. The last of this year’s SPA’s Distinguished Speaker Series, the man who helped turned Pluto “from a planet, to a dirty ice ball,” kept the audience on its’ toes with his punchline-charged routine “Skepticism,” or as he deemed it, “Brain Droppings of an Astrophysicist.”

New UPUA Elects Committee Chairs, Other Positions

Last night was the first meeting of the University Park Undergraduate Association's Sixth Assembly, and also the first meeting of the TJ Bard administration. Both new and returning members of the UPUA were sworn in. Other than that, though, nothing exciting really happened. Since the new Assembly hasn't had time to meet and discuss new legislation, it was just Assembly representatives running for, debating on, and voting for committee chair positions.

The Walk: Valley Magazine’s Fashion Show

Campus Candy and Valley Magazine are coming together on April 10th for a fashion show. Admission is free and guests get a sneak peak at the Spring edition of the Valley and 20% off of Campus Candy purchases. Don't forget to dress to impress!

OPP, Spring Cleaning to the Extreme

If you think walking to class in sub-arctic temperatures sucks, imagine having to scour the campus for everything mother nature decided to screw up. That's exactly the job of Penn State's OPP. With 41 inches of total snow accumulation and damages done by ice, the maintenance team has quite a job ahead of them as Spring rolls into Centre County. Find out what it takes to get the campus back into shape.

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