Blue & White Film Fest is Open for Submissions

The Blue & White Film Festival (previously known as the Student Film Fest) is back for another year and the Student Film Organization (SFO) is currently taking submissions.

The festival will go down at 7 p.m. on April 28th in The State Theatre at $7 a ticket. The club is prepared for a wide variety of submissions, everything from interesting experimental pieces to detailed documentaries, among a whole range of comedies and dramas in between.

The films will be judged by a team of professionals, alumni, faculty, and others.

“There is no way to expect or predict what we’ll get from year to year,” said SFO member Andrew Karasik. And part of that depends on the tastes, experience and focus of the judges.

The festival has also been revamped a little this year, including a rule allowing directors to submit up to two works instead of just one and a cheaper early submission deadline. Karasik said the changes are more conducive to the festival.

“We felt that students produce a variety of work in a year and to limit them is unfair,” he said. “It was not as good for the festival.”

Club members also thought the name change would give it a broader appeal, he said.

For festival guidelines, the submission form and instructions for submitting a film over the College of Communications’ server, see SFO’s website. The early submission deadline is 5 p.m. today and costs $15 per film. The final deadline is Monday at 5 p.m. and costs $20 per film. In both cases, an extra $5 is required for each minute the film lasts beyond 15 minutes.

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