Alpha Phi Delta VP Found Naked After Break-In

If you’re like most Penn State students, you spent your first week of summer break catching up with old friends, visiting with family, and trying to forget how badly you messed up your Spanish final.

20-year-old David Darr, however, seems to have had a different agenda for his return home. What that agenda was remains unclear. Here’s what we know.

A couple hours before dawn on Friday morning, Northern York County regional police responded to a 911 call from a woman who reported a person banging on her front door.

The cops arrived on scene and were checking the area and residence for the suspect when someone came up to them and informed the officers that there was an intruder in the house next door. The cops entered the house through an open garage door and after seeing another open foyer door, located and evacuated the home’s occupants as the search of the house continued.

The police discovered Darr hiding naked in a bedroom pretending to be asleep under the covers of a bed. Darr reportedly told police at the time that he was a student at Penn State University Park– thanks for that, bud– and was taken into custody without a struggle. Darr was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and loitering/prowling at night.

The Penn State directory confirms Darr is indeed a student at University Park, where he is listed as studying political science.

A Google search revealed that Darr is also a brother of the Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta, an IFC fraternity that does not currently have a house. More than that, he is– if the members directory on the site is current– the Vice President, Judiciary Chairman, THON Chairman, and Philanthropy Chairman. An involved student, apparently; maybe he just has a thing for naked break-ins.

Seriously though, Darr’s motivations remain unclear at this time. We have reached out to him for comment and will update this post with additional context if he responds. Until then, keep your pants on and enjoy break.

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