Hope You Enjoyed Your Last Senior Week!

Senior week at Penn State is something special — if you remember it.

With most students moved out, and some time until summer session begins, State College turns into a much quieter town the week after finals end. That is, until about 1:00 pm most days, when senior bar tours begin their sojourn from restaurant to bar to cafe to club drinking at each stop.

The tradition is a boozy and expensive one. The cost of drinks at all of Penn State’s most popular establishments adds up, not to mention the price some bar tour participants pay for their matching t-shirts. There’s not much reason to go home for a week when you can hang out with your friends for one last week — a hell of a week at that.

Penn State sees things differently though. The week is dedicated primarily to drinking, and it just raises the costs for students who are preparing to graduate. So, starting next year, there will be only a day separating the end of final exams and commencement ceremonies. This change was first announced by President Graham Spanier last summer.

Sure, many seniors will still stick around after graduation, but this policy change could push more students to taking senior week at places other than State College. Good for Penn State, bad for local merchants? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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