New House Proposal Reduces PSU Budget Cut

Update 3:42 pm: This post has been edited to more clearly indicate where this new budget proposal stands in the legislative process.

A budget proposal that would reduce the planned budget cuts for PA public schools to 19 percent, much lower than Governor Corbett’s original proposal of 50 percent, was approved by the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee this afternoon.

This development, according to, would provide Penn State with $214 million in state funding, which is $50 million less than the appropriation Penn State received this year. The article states that this would be “about the same level of support Penn State received for its operating budget 15 years ago.”

The proposals must now pass through the Pennsylvania House and Senate, and get signed by Gov. Tom Corbett, before they are finalized.

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If institutions try to make up for the lost revenue through tuition alone, Rep. Cherelle Parker, D-Philadelphia, said it could lead to tuition increases ranging from $3,300 to $4,200 a student.

But House Appropriations Committee Chairman Bill Adolph, R-Delaware, said university leaders assured legislators during budget hearings that they would not look to students to make up that total difference through higher tuition.

As our tipster @map408psu points out:

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