Happy Valley, Help Us Out With ‘Onward Date’

At Onward State, we pride ourselves in being able to cover any and every topic that Penn State students want to read about. With that in mind, we’re heading towards uncharted waters with our latest feature, and we need your help.

Whether you’re into random hookups or something more steady, or even *gasp* “Facebook official”, we want to cover the issues that every college student faces when it comes to the opposite sex. That’s why we’re introducing Onward Date, a new series of features on the wild world of college relationships (however you want to define them).

To kick off our Onward Date series, we’ve put together a short, ANONYMOUS survey for our readers to find out what you want to know when it comes to love, lust, and everything in between. All you have to do is click here to take the survey and answer the questions honestly. Remember, it’s anonymous, so tell the truth! 

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