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I made the trip to Philly this weekend to see a victory that, quite simply, left me feeling like we’d lost the game. Still, it’s a W, and, although I didn’t witness it from my usual spot in the first row, a change of scenery provided me with plenty to talk about afterwards.

  • We saw Temple students wearing shirts that said “We are” on the front and “Fuck you” on the back. I am all for creative rivalry t-shirts (I do own a “Muck The Fets” t-shirt, after all), but is that really the best that they could come up with?
  • The owl screech played after every Temple first down belongs in one place, and one place only: Guantanamo.
  • Where were all the fans? The last time Penn State visited Lincoln Financial Field in November 2007, the game was a sellout. The announced attendance on Saturday was just above 57,000, but it looked like even less. I can’t speak to whether ticket prices were higher this year than in ’07, but what gives?
  • Penn State’s struggles had me spending much of the game looking like this sad Temple fan.
  • Our seats were high up on the 45 yard line, which gave myself and many in my group a new appreciation for the amazing and talented Penn State Blue Band. “It was awesome, I’ve never seen anything like that,” said my roommate, Mike Higgins, after the band performed the Floating Lion drill.
  • During stoppage in play, we witnessed gems such as the Smooch Cam, Flex Cam, Cutie Pie Cam, and Shake Your Booty Cam.
  • Penn State Blue Band Drum Major, Ian Kenney, who has been battling the flu, still stuck one of two flips at The Linc. He missed the second after his leg cramped following the first, which he nailed at midfield. Kudos to Ian for gutting it out.
  • Penn State Lionettes > Temple Diamond Gems. It’s not even close.
  • I have less of an idea than I did last week as to who the quarterback should be. The same can be said for placekicker.
That’s it for this week. Those who made the trip, what did you notice on Saturday at The Linc? And, for those who didn’t, what did you notice from the ESPN broadcast? Leave us a comment!

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