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Day: September 21, 2011

Need Help Writing a Research Paper?

College research papers are nothing like the research papers you may have written in high school. While you could scoot away with eight pages of fluff with your high school teachers, most professors require students to write at least ten, concise pages. You may find that your textbook or the readings on ANGEL don't provide enough information to let you reach the minimum. Fortunately, there are two scholarly search engines that will be useful to you during your time at Penn State.

Special Teams Not So Special

Poor special teams play has hurt Penn State in the past. Could it happen again?

Constitution Day Gets Controversial

Students in Rosa Eberly's English 474 took to the streets to flex their constitutional muscles in debates over the various interpretations of constitutional rights in observance of Constitution Day.

View from Above: Agricultural Science and Industries Building

With a great view of the Lewis Katz Law Building, the Agricultural Science and Industries Building is another large structure on campus located just behind the Berkey Creamery. This five story building has an additional maintenance tower attached to the roof, which is protected by concrete walls and nets to block birds from entering. A small hole in the net wall is the only access to the roof, making the Lewis Katz building the first building in sight once emerged. The view spans throughout the west side of campus, including the water tower and power plant, and over to the east to Beaver Stadium.

UPUA Safety Social on HUB Lawn

The University Park Undergraduate Association, will be hosting Safety Social on the HUB Lawn patio this Thursday from noon to 2 p.m. Several organizations including UHS, CAPS, and the Interfaternity and Panhellenic Councils, will be there to inform students about safety precautions and available resources. State College Police, University Police, and the State College Borough will also be in attendance.

Dado’s Death Teaches Us About Ourselves

Joe Dado's death wasn't a story, it was an event. From the initial reports of a missing student to the organized search parties, until the final disheartening conclusion, Penn State, it seemed, could focus on nothing but that wide-eyed freshman in the yellow t-shirt. It permeated beyond State College, where thousands searched every corner of the town--Dado's story hit the national media. And though it wasn't necessarily disingenuous, how we responded to the situation reveals more about Penn State than the fact that one of our own died. How many of us knew Joe Dado? He'd been on campus for all of three weeks. And yet, so many of us were quick to respond--not just with an outpouring of emotion, but taking action, scouring every corner of this campus for days.

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