Primary Element Releases Another So-So Single

Penn State’s premier hip hop trio Primary Element released a new single, “Gx3 (Girls, Girls, Girls),” Monday. Unfortunately, the group based out of Silver Spring, Maryland, once again failed to really impress. You can download the song free here.

Gx3 isn’t terrible. It’s major redeeming quality is the chorus, which provides a pretty decent hook. The falling repitition of “girls” is pretty catchy, if lyrically dull. The problem lies in the song’s forgettable verses: there’s no real substance behind them. There’s nothing to draw the listener in, and the wordplay is far from good enough to make up for that.

The song starts out with a simple bass drum and snare beat, to which it soon adds a high-hat rhythm. For the first few seconds you hear some whispered mutterings, before the slow, chill vocals come in with a light background keyboard melody. The whole thing is very calm and minimalist. The three verses follow the stories of each of the three groupmembers meeting a girl of their dreams.

The lyrics are almost sweet at moments, if incredibly cheesy. My roommates had a good laugh at the line “then we kinda shook hands like some pilgrims and Indians.” Still, a few lines are fairly relatable, such as “Now I’m feelin’ real manly / so why are both the palms of my hands gettin’ clammy? / I don’t care.”

I also appreciated a James and the Giant Peach reference at the beginning, though I admittedly never thought I’d hear the title of a film and novel that helped define my childhood used to describe a girl’s–uh–posterior.

Overall, though, the song is the definition of mediocrity–though after enough listens, it started to grow on me. Again, it’s not aggressively bad, but it’s something more typically used as filler content on an album, a song you’d listen to as background music while relaxing.

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