Gym Too Crowded? Time to Adjust Your Schedule

Updated October 1, 12:28pm: The source of this post was the Penn State University Reddit.

If you’ve ever gone to one of the fitness facilities on campus, you’ve undoubtedly waited in line to do so. It’s no surprise that the gyms are the most crowded in the afternoon and early evening, but just how bad is it?

There are two facilities on campus that attract almost all gym-goers; Rec Hall and the White Building. Rec Hall has a capacity of 240, while the White Building has a capacity of 210. Unfortunately, the White Building is busier than Rec Hall for the most part. Probably because it couldn’t be more centralized on campus even if you moved it 200 yards to the HUB lawn. But with over 40,000 students on campus, this is hardly enough space.

According to the numbers, neither gym is that close to capacity at any point in the day. But anyone who has tried to go to the White Building on a Monday evening can tell you that’s not the case. More often than not, if I go to the gym in the afternoon, I’m waiting at least 15 minutes to get in. Even if there is no line, it’s still packed and finding free equipment is a task.

It is interesting to note that even though the gyms are located on opposite sides of the campus, they generate virtually the same traffic hour by hour.

If you’re trying to avoid the circus that is the gym on a crowded day, I would recommend staying away from the 2-6 p.m. time slot. If you don’t, you should become familiar with the phrase, “Mind if I work in, bro?”.

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