From Parks and Rec to the Ballpark: Chris Pratt

Last night, student reporters from various colleges were treated to a conference call with “Parks and Recreation‘s” Chris Pratt, who stars as Oakland A’s first baseman Scott Hatteberg in the new movieMoneyball.”

The conversation began with Pratt discussing how he prepared for the film–he said he did a lot of baseball training and worked out with a personal trainer, though Pratt said he already knew plenty about baseball, growing up playing little league.

“I always dreamed of putting on a uniform and walking out in the Coliseum or any major league field,” Pratt said. He added that getting the opportunity to work with professional baseball players, was a “dream come true.”

Pratt also discussed the differences between working on television and in movies–discussing how his experience on Parks and Rec differed from that on the set of “Moneyball.” One difference, according to Pratt, was the pace.

On the Parks and Rec set, Pratt said he usually does each take a little bit differently to get one perfect shot. But for the movie, he said the goal was to replicate his acting each time, so the scene can be captured from every angle.

But the biggest difference, Pratt said, was that Parks and Rec is shot in a mockumentary style, in which he can break the fourth wall. This style provided a challenge for him in his first films after working on the show. On a take during his first movie after beginning to star on Parks, for example, he accidentally looked into the camera lens.

Pratt recounted the story with the humor you’d expect from the actor who plays Andy Dwyer. “The director was like, ‘Did you just look in the fucking lense?’ and I was like, ‘Shit, right…'”

He said the cast of “Moneyball” got along really well, and discribed a prank that Brad Pitt played on Jonah Hill at one point during filming. Apparently, Pitt covered the golf cart Hill used to go from set to set in pink Cellophane.

“And when you turned the key in the ignition, he rigged it to play that Wham! song ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.’ I don’t even know how he did it,” Pratt said. “So he made it the Wham!-mobile.”

And of course, he couldn’t get away without being asked an almost requisite Mouserat (or is it Scarecrow Boat?) question. What would his ideal Mouserat music video be?

At first, Pratt seemed to have difficulty deciding on an answer, but he eventually had an epiphany. It would have to be a tribute to Andy.

And not just any tribute: he envisioned eagles, fireworks and explosions, and trucks, with some Eddie Veder and John Cougar Mellencamp mixed in.

“And I’d bring in Peyton Manning, and it would end with Andy catching a touchdown pass at the Superbowl,” he said.

Well that sounds truly epic. Now if only we could get Mouserat to come and play Movin’ On…

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