Beat Zone Part 2: More of the Same

Well, the good thing is that Penn State clinched a victory this time around. The bad thing, though, is that the Beat Zone again failed to have the mass effect the Blue and White Society desired at Saturday’s home contest with Iowa.

It’s not like the BWS didn’t try to accommodate students and attempt to have a more successful round 2. As opposed to the first go against Alabama, the BWS moved the time students had to meet to be at Gates 11 and 12 between 2:15 and 2:30, which was much more reasonable then the 12:30 time for the Alabama game.

However, again, the execution of the actual in-game movement was poor. It was unclear whether the full allotment of signs and shirts had even been handed out, as their use of them was so sporadic and uncoordinated that there were barely any being used at the same time, and just as the first time, went greatly unnoticed.

The ‘Beat Iowa’ chant received a slightly better response then the first time it was used with ‘Beat Bama’, but it was still clear that a majority of the student section was completely unaware it was coming or happening, making it sound uncharacteristically out of sync and unsupported.

Simply put, the Beat Zone is on the way out, and we can only hope the ‘Mic Man’ gimmick is not too far behind.

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