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The 2011 Homecoming weekend at Penn State consisted of great weather, great floats, and a great (if frustrating) football game. Here’s what I took away from Saturday’s victory:

  • Chaz Powell did not deserve a celebration penalty after his 92-yard kickoff return. I understand that players are not allowed to throw the ball in celebration, but flipping the ball into the air after a huge play in the fourth quarter of a tight game should not be a penalty. I do not classify that as taunting, and it did nothing to delay the game whatsoever. Let the players have a little fun!
  • It’s a good thing that new video boards will be installed before next season, as a malfunction caused a black bar to appear across the North Endzone video screen for much of the game. I’m sure Tostitos was less than pleased when their brand name was covered by it.
  • It’s always great having Adam Taliaferro back in Happy Valley. We spoke with him a little bit before the game, as we normally do when he comes up, and you will not a find a nicer, more genuine guy. A great choice for the 2011 Homecoming Grand Marshal, and a great representation of Penn State.
  • Interestingly, there seemed to be a lot less former players on the sidelines than last week, which appeared to be more of a Homecoming for them.
  • Drum Major Ian Kenney rebounded from last week and stuck both of his pregame flips.
  • A big thank you to the Penn State Athletic Department for acknowledging Paternoville shortly after we entered the stadium.
  • Multiple players came out for yesterday’s initial walkthrough with headphones plugged into…their iPads?
  • I’m a big fan how fans have begun yelling “DUUUUUUUUKES” after every Curtis Dukes carry. Hoping that continues to catch on.
  • “In the Urban part of town, you should look to add a Meyer dairy” – @dan_saxton to Graham Spanier before the game

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John is a senior in the Smeal College of Business majoring in Marketing. He currently serves as the President of the Paternoville Coordination Committee and as a THON Chair for Nittany Nation. He tweets a lot.


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