The Month of McGloin

Exactly one month ago marked September 24. In case you don’t remember, a beautiful fall afternoon welcomed the Eastern Michigan Eagles to Happy Valley. Our beloved Nittany Lions coasted to 34-6 victory that day, but to be honest, I don’t remember all too much from the game. Not because I was drunk, but because it was simply a boring game.

But I do remember one thing in particular…

With 10:46 remaining in the 2nd quarter, Matt McGloin trotted out on to the then-pristine Beaver Stadium turf. As he walked towards the huddle, I took my right index finger and proudly held it in the air in support of Rob Bolden. Thousands of my fellow students did the same.

Since that gorgeous day in September, I have not even thought about raising my finger in hope of Bolden’s return. He simply has not seized his opportunities and in turn, Matt has gladly taken his job.

The stats since September 24 speak for themselves. Matt McGloin is a rather impressive 61-101 for 894 yards, seven touchdowns and two picks (one of which was incredibly unlucky.) Once-beloved Rob Bolden is a paltry 18-40 for 253 yards, one touchdown (which came against Eastern Michigan) and two interceptions. Matt has been throwing for 8.85 yard per attempt, while Rob is averaging 6.33 yards per throw.

Stats aside, the offense just clicks better when #11 enters the huddle. For whatever reason when McGloin in under center, there’s plenty of time to throw, Derek Moye pulls down balls in triple-coverage, Silas Redd runs wild, and Devon Smith actually looks like a Division I football player.

This newly-oiled machine, coupled with arguably the best defense in Big Ten, has us ranked #19 in the BCS. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m now 100% ready to hand him the keys to the nineteenth ranked car at the college football auto show.

I confidently admit it, I have been converted to the Scranton slinger’s side, perhaps even long-term. I don’t know if he’ll keep it up against the tough schedule Penn State faces down the stretch, but it’s time I recognize that he’s proven himself the starting quarterback.

My, oh my, look what has changed in a short month.

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Ryan is a senior in the Smeal College of Business majoring in Marketing. He is a Lion Ambassador who loves giving tours to prospective students. His favorite activities include distributing news and consuming Chipotle.


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