Paterno Addresses Student Support

Among the many student movements started through social media on Tuesday afternoon, one group of students called for people to gather at Joe Paterno’s house to show support.  About 750 students showed up, causing the street to be blocked off by police and the media to gather en masse.  “Joe Paterno” chants filled the air, and Sue Paterno started a “We Are” chant from the doorway.  Sue and Scott Paterno addressed the media and Sue said that “We will have a statement in the next day or two.”

After slowly making his way into the house through the hordes of people, Joe Paterno spoke from his window, addressing the students: “We’re always Penn State. I’m proud of you, I’m always proud of you.”  Soon after, he came outside “I’m so happy to see you,” he continued. “Say a prayer for all of the victims and their families… I thank the students for your support. I live for this place. I live for people like you guys and girls.”

This display of honesty and respect comes as a temporary relief to the hundreds of students gathered and the student body as a whole. Though more troubles lie on the road ahead, Joe was finally able to voice his acknowledgement.

A “Guard the JoePa Statue” movement has been started for around 9:00 p.m. tonight.

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