Day: November 10, 2011

Governor Tom Corbett Speaks to Media

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett held a brief press conference in front of reporters at the Penn Stater Conference Center. The presser was filled with a lot of "no comment"s lumped between a few bold statements--not surprising given that Corbett opened this investigation while serving as Pennsylvania's Attorney General.

Rioters Tear Down Lamp Post on College Avenue [VIDEO]

Penn State Students riot on College Avenue following the announcement that Joe Paterno had been fired by the Board of Trustees. The riot damage escalated when the crowd moved to College Avenue when lamp posts, signs, and a WTAJ News truck were toppled.

Posnanski, Forde Speak to #JoePaClas

This will be, in all likelihood, the last time that Penn State offers a class on "Joe Paterno, Communications, and the Media," otherwise known as COMM 497G, but if this was its final semester, it's going out with a bang. Today, Sports Illustrated's Joe Posnanski and Yahoo's Pat Forde spoke on how the media handled this story. To read what they had to say, check out student tweets, mine included, from the class.

Tom Bradley Holds Press Conference

Tom Bradley took the podium in the Beaver Stadium media room for the first time as head coach of the Penn State football team on Thursday afternoon. Bradley, in his 33rd season on the staff, has held the defensive coordinator position since Jerry Sandusky retired in 1998. He takes over for Joe Paterno, who was fired late Wednesday night.

President TJ Bard Speaks at Old Main

University Park Undergraduate Association President TJ Bard (@TJBard) will speak from the steps of Old Main at 12:30 p.m. about the recent unprecedented and historic events that have happened over the past week.

Meet Tom Bradley, The New Nittany Lion Head Coach

Tom Bradley has been a part of the Penn State Football program for thirty six years. At most universities, that is unheard of, but at Penn State, it pales in comparison to someone who has been around for sixty one years. Bradley has never particularly sought the spotlight, but today, the spotlight will seek him as he appears publicly for the first time, no longer having the title of defensive coordinator but rather interim head coach.

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