Onward State Gives Thanks

Everyone’s favorite face-stuffing holiday is only a week away, so in grade school-like fashion we at Onward State would like to share our answers to the classic Thanksgiving question: “What are you thankful for?”

Alex Federman: Thanksgiving break, the new Muppets movie, family and friends, pumpkin pie and of course, Onward State.

Ali Fogarty: My UPUA sunglasses.

Chadwick Lynch: Good conversations with people whose time I am worth, the times I can spend alone and enjoy that, night life, the fact that I’m a Penn State student (or a student at all for that matter). Also, I’m thankful I have 8 best friends who grew up with me, lived with me and that I can call them at any hour of the day and start talking where we left off. I owe a lot of my life to my siblings, and I’m really fortunate I have them, if nothing else.

Dan McCool: The people who have somehow lived 20 years with me and not killed me.

Dave Cole: The opportunity for friends and family to take a few days from their busy lives and relax, as a family.

David Morar: My family, good health, my friends, good fortune, mobile internet and transatlantic travel.

Dennis McNamara: My health, Yammer and NFL football.

Devon Edwards: Devon Still.

Doug Dooling: Nutella and Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.

Drew Balis: THON, friends and family, Wings Over Happy Valley, and Silas Redd.

Eli Glazer: Apple cider.

Ellie Skrzat: Puns.

Evan Kalikow: What Dave Cole said.

Evan Ponter: Lower drug prices.

Jason Poblete: IBM job offer. And also what Tecce said.

John Tecce: Chicken wings.

Kevin Horne: Matt McGloin.

Kristen Piazza: All of the Harry Potter movies on DVD.

Leo Dillinger: Spending some much needed, quality time with my family and friends.

Matthew D’Ippolito: A strong and supportive family (cliche, I know), two communities I can call home (my hometown and State College), and my vinyl collection.

Meghin Moore: My friends and family, Skype and burritos.

Melanie Versaw: My friends and family and having a job when I graduate.

Paige Blawas: Watching countless hours of the Food Network over break.

Ryan Beckler: Bacon, the Joe Paterno statue/library, Dennis McNamara giving me his candle at the vigil, yoga pants, North Face, UGGs, and the honesty of the administration…oh wait.

Sam Cooper: Friends, family, beer and music.

Shawn Christ: Being alive so that I am able to even express thanks. Oh, and not having to draw those hand-turkeys anymore around Thanksgiving. Those were the worst.

Shawn Inglima: My parents being amazing cooks.

From all of us here at Onward State, have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving break.

What are you thankful for?

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