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THON wants you to go green by collecting cans and bottles for the THON Four Diamonds Recycling Effort (4DRE). Kicking off this past Monday, the event is an effort to help the environment while also raising money FTK. A prize will be awarded to the committee and organization that turns in the most full bags. Groups can collect until February 15. Here is how you can help:

1. Register to be a 4DRE organization by contacting the 4DRE Recycling Coordinator, Andrea Elcock, at [email protected]
2. Collect uncrushed aluminum cans and plastic bottles (#1-7).
3. Sign out 4DRE bags in 210 HUB.
4. Fill the bags – making sure to separate aluminum and plastic into separate groups.
5. Drop off filled and labeled bags at one of the 5 drop-off locations starting December 5th.
6. Continue recycling to increase your chances of winning 1 of 3 awesome prizes!

Groups are to drop off the bags at one of these locations:

  • Brill Hall (Eastview Terrace)
  • Nittany Hall
  • Warring Commons (West Halls)
  • Hastings Hall (East Halls)
  • Hammond Building

For more information, visit the 4DRE Event Page.

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