Day: December 8, 2011

Dry Mouth on Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday may be dry tonight with the curse of final exams looming over Penn State, but I want to keep the party alive in spirit. In honor of an amazing semester living it up at Penn State, here is a run-down of the best party videos filmed by local rappers this fall.

Go Green FTK

THON wants you to go green by collecting cans and bottles for the THON Four Diamonds Recycling Effort (4DRE). Kicking off this past Monday, the event is an effort to help the environment while also raising money FTK. Find out how to join in after the jump.

Study Tunes for Your Finals Week Blues

The last two weeks of the semester suck. The majority of students are begrudgingly studying for their final exams or painstakingly writing their final papers. Music is a great way to maintain your focus while cramming in every bit of information you were supposed to have absorbed over the course of the semester. We at Onward State have decided to make a Spotify playlist for our fellow students to help propel you through finals week.

Long Ball Plagues Penn State


I could end this recap with that word alone. Penn State (6-4) fell to Lafayette (4-5) in what was by far their worst effort of the year. This game ranks up there with Maine from last season as one of the worst losses over the last decade.

Where to Study: the Off-Campus Guide

As a college town, State College has all of the amenities needed for a change of pace during final exam studying. While campus provides outlets for library research, computer labs, and quiet study spots, if you are anything like me, an intimate coffee shop is the best place to pour over notes and write papers. The following five establishments are a few of the most ideal downtown study spots. Through their differences, each location offers advantages and disadvantages based on individual preferences.

UPUA: Business as Usual

UPUA held a meeting on Wednesday that was mostly uneventful, with the biggest piece of legislation being one to endorse sexual abuse reform in the Pennsylvania Legislature.