Day: December 14, 2011

Take My Textbooks and My Dignity

When you walk into the bookstore to sell back your new and used textbooks, you know at least one of your books will not make the cut. Just remember, you're not the only student who gets hosed. Read on if you need to feel better about your experience with the bookstore this semester.

Two Different Worlds Collide…at Dairy Queen

Located on South Allegheny Street, less than forty steps away from the courthouse steps, the fast food chain known for soft serve ice cream and a place where coaches might take a youth sports team to after a game became the place to be before, during, and after, Jerry Sandusky's preliminary hearing that never really was.

Distraction of the Day: Me

Hey there. I bet you're neck-deep in finals and papers right now. How about a study break?

Today, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., I will be hanging out at Irving's. Come hang out with me!

Stay Classy, Penn State

We Penn Staters will be scrutinized by outsiders for the foreseeable future. Does it suck? Yea, it really does. Like it or not, this scandal is a part of our lives now. I suggest you learn to live with it. That being said, when these comments do come flying your way, understand that the person doesn’t understand the pain and hurt that you feel. Don’t get argumentative or confrontational. We’re better than that.

Why Waiving the Hearing Was a Smart Move

Once I got word that Jerry Sandusky and Joe Amendola decided to waive the preliminary hearing, I was, as many others were, baffled. As in many of the days since November 4, when we learned of the Jerry Sandusky Scandal, I found myself asking the same question: Why?