CNN Hates On JayPa (And We Don’t Appreciate It)

The headline on last night read “Paterno’s son quitting Penn State amid scandal.”

Yes, Jay Paterno is the son of Joe Paterno.

Yes, he will no longer serve as a coach for Penn State.

Yes, we still find ourselves “amid scandal.”

But quitting? Hardly.

The accompanying article paints Jay Paterno’s situation as one fully controlled by him. Let’s face it, few (any?) of us expected Jay Paterno to remain on the Penn State staff. Labeling him as a quitter, however, reeks of desperation and disrespect from a news giant grasping for any last controversial story involving the Paterno name. You can bet that plenty of CNN Breaking News’ over 6.1 million Twitters followers clicked on the link accompanying such a juicy headline.

It’s no secret that (inter)national media outlets like CNN look for any controversial angle they can find to (further) exploit the hot issue at hand, which, in this case, remains focused on the aftermath of the Sandusky scandal. My personal experience with CNN during the scandal found me answering questions about a perceived culture of secrecy within the Penn State Athletic Department, among other tough questions, after I was told I’d be asked about softer topics like Joe Paterno’s impact on the student body.

Rest assured, disgust with CNN’s choice of words filled my Twitter timeline, and rightfully so. Kudos to Penn State fans, students, and supporters for supporting Jay Paterno, who has been a class act and great representation of Penn State and the Paterno family throughout a terrible situation for all involved.

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