Day: January 17, 2012

Onward Debates: THON Workshops Waste of Time

Courtney O'Bryan's death was and is, unmistakably, a tragedy. I think I speak for all of Penn State when I say how shocked and saddened we were to hear the dreadful news. But when I found out that THON had responded by mandating attendance at canning workshops, I wondered if the lesson her death taught us had actually been learned, or if the organization simply aimed to obfuscate the real risk.

OS Goes to the Burger King Opening

I have not frequently eaten at Burger King for quite some time. The last two times before now were April 29,2010 and November 18, 2011. The former was while returning to State College after the NFL draft; the latter was on the road home for Thanksgiving break, both somewhat rare occasions. That is part of the reason I was very intrigued for a Burger King to open up inside the HUB

THON Week Kicks off Today

With a little less than a month until our favorite weekend of the year, this week will offer a variety of events for students to get involved and hyped for THON. Starting tonight with a THON Bowl, see what other events are scheduled for the rest of the week.

Calling All Musicians: Arts Crawl Wants You

SOMA is looking for the bands and artists of the student body to provide the music for the 6th annual Arts Crawl which is scheduled for March 30th. Artists from disciples ranging from photography and sculpture will be represented, this open casting call is an opportunity for musicians at Penn State to have their jams heard. Learn more on how to apply (and try to catch the subtle Go Go Gadget diss) after the jump.

Onward Debates: Workshops Worthwhile

In my article announcing the newly established Canning Workshops, I expressed my views on their purpose. While I still have no doubt that these came largely from University pressure, I believed vital information could be taken in by attentive participants, and that a review of basic safety tips never does one wrong. After having attended the very first workshop Monday afternoon, I was not shocked to find my opinion realized.

Blue Band

Blue Band Scraps Glitter’s “Rock and Roll”

If you’ve attended a basketball game since student's returned from winter break, you may have noticed something a little different coming from the pep band. The crowd favorite “Rock and Roll, Part Two” is gone, and gone for good according to the director of the Blue Band, Dr. Richard Bundy.