Students Organize “Guide Joe Paterno Home”

Following the death of the iconic Joe Paterno, the Penn State family has shown a beautiful outpouring of support to recognize his contributions to the University and the State College community. Another display of gratitude for Joe has been organized, stemming from a Facebook group  planning for a procession following Wednesday’s private funeral service.

Here are the details of the private ceremony according to

“There will be a private funeral service Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. The funeral procession will begin at approximately 3:00 p.m. The procession will leave the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, turn left onto Curtin Road near the Pattee-Paterno Library and travel Curtin Road past Beaver Stadium. The procession will then turn right onto Porter Road and turn right onto College Avenue, heading west through downtown State College. The burial is private.”

To honor Joe Paterno on his last trip through campus and State College, students Eric Bress and Allie Menna created a Facebook event that calls for the Penn State community to line the streets from the Pattee-Paterno library up to Beaver Stadium as the funeral service takes its route.

The event has 1800 attendees and counting and is a fitting way to honor Joe and his family as he makes his final journey through the place he loved so much.

The route from campus to downtown (Photo by Ben Jones)

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