Day: February 9, 2012

Onward Debates: Private State University

The Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 is one of my favorite pieces of legislation.

A Congress atrophied by the Civil War sent a bill to President Lincoln that, when signed in to law, changed the face of tertiary education in America. In a research report I did in seventh grade about Penn State, discussion of the Morrill Act took up more pages than it probably should have. It made a higher education both affordable and valuable to the common man. This was an Act designed not to increase the number of scholars of law or divinity, but of botany, agriculture, and the "mechanical arts."

Penn State became one of the nation's first land grant institutions.

Onward Debates: Public State University

Penn State University was founded in 1855 to be a “land-grant” university. Now, more than 150 years later, our university tops lists as the most expensive public school in America. However, one key factor that those ranking systems, as well as many students, miss is the fact that Penn State is not a public university, it’s currently “state-related.” With Governor Corbett’s recent announcement of a 30% cut in state appropriations, now is the time for Penn State to make the official switch to being a public school.

Color Wars Kicks Off THON 2012 Festivities

THON may still be eight days away, but THON 2012 dancers and moralers kicked off the festivities last night at Rec Hall with the start of Color Wars.Here's what they did, who they saw, and how the night got them ready for THON 2012!

UPUA: “Let There Be Stop Signs”

It was a quintessential resplendent scene in 302 HUB Wednesday night, as our favorite University aristocracies from UPUA converged for the weekly general assembly meeting.

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