Distraction of the Day: Penn State Memes

Attention Penn Staters: the wait is over. Penn State Memes have finally arrived. You will no longer be forced to look at photos with seemingly pointless jokes about other colleges that you do not understand every time you sign onto Facebook. Instead, your timelines will finally be flooding with the ever-popular “Most Interesting Man in the World” and “Y U NO Guy” accompanied by familiar phrases related to Penn State life.

Have you ever complained about the line at Canyon Pizza on a Friday night? Yep, there’s a meme for that. Do you have an annoying friend who goes to Temple? There’s a meme for that too. How about the spotty CATA bus system? Your party got busted at Eastview Terrace? The memes were seemingly never ending in my newsfeed yesterday.

I couldn’t go on the Internet one time today without being encountered by the “Y U NO Guy” wondering where the WaWa’s are in State College, Bear Grylls walking to class during the “blizzard of the century,” or “Creepy Willy Wonka” mocking Pitt students who “couldn’t get into Penn State.”

Apparently my friends aren’t the only ones who thought the memes were share-worthy; the page managed to rack up over 5,000 likes (1,095 more than The School Philly’s Facebook page!) in just one day. The creativity, pride, and legendary procrastination skills of our fellow Penn Staters make the possibilities here simply endless.

At last, we have adapted the geekiest trend to hit college students in years. Have a complaint? A grievance about your university life? A sentiment that you know all of your fellow students will share? Don’t call your friends and talk about it. Make a meme for it. Let’s show the world once again that Penn State is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating meaningless procrastination techniques.

(Editors Update 2:25 p.m. – The facebook page now has 7,328 likes, which is more than The Daily Collegian.)


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