Valentine’s Schadenfreude Fiesta: Your Love Letters

Last week we asked for your love letters from former boyfriends and girlfriends.  Here they are.  Annotations of how each relationship ended are quoted in italics underneath each letter.

“My boyfriend left for Army Basic Training over the summer and wrote me letters while he was gone. This one is my favorite. Yeah, excited to see me so you can break up with me as soon as you get home. Ouch.”


 “This is the second page of a 2 page letter sent to me by my girlfriend while I was away at cross country camp. We were 14 and the relationship lasted a few months after this because she was making our personal life a bit too public, if you know what I mean.”
 “We had a long distance relationship with me being at Penn State and her being at a state school in New York. We were high school sweethearts and lasted over 4 years.  We ended up breaking up last summer.”

“In addition to being our very first Valentine’s Day, it was also our only Valentine’s Day.”


This reader did not submit an explanation of how their relationship ended.

“Needless to say, this level of gushing was not sustainable.”

“Our compatibility was questionable at best, and our priorities were in very different places.  I’m not sure she was ever really interested in me.”

 Thanks to everyone who submitted letters.

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