LGBT Student Alliance Celebrates “Kiss Out”

“1-2-3-4, open up your closet door, 5-6-7-8, don’t assume your friends are straight!” rang through the ground floor of the HUB yesterday afternoon. Following the cheer, a half dozen same sex couples took the opportunity to engage in some serious PDA for everyone in the HUB to see.

The “Kiss Out” is an annual Valentine’s Day celebration hosted by the LGBT Student Alliance. “On Valentine’s Day, we’re bombarded with images of heterosexual couples,” said Treasurer Leah Silverman.

The Student Alliance puts on events like the “Kiss Out” each year to remind students that Valentine’s Day isn’t only applicable to straight couples. Co-President Lauren Rodriguez mentioned that today’s video on included two men holding hands, an astronaut with an alien, and a cat with a dog. “It should be an all encompassing holiday,” she said, praising the video.

Students interested in getting involved with the LGBT community on campus should check out the LGBT student support center in 101 Bouke, or look into the 9 LGBT organizations on campus.

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