Day: February 15, 2012

Pat Chambers Feels the Pressure: Serves Up Big Macs

It's hard to be upset with how Penn State played against Nebraska last Saturday, but the 67-51 beat down just wasn't enough for some students. As any seasoned Penn State basketball fan knows, Penn State needs to score 70 for the "BIG MAC ATTACK" promotion, which entitles every ticket holder to a free Bic Mac at McDonalds.

THON Overall Series: Vicki Marone, Finance

Have you ever counted to about ten million? I didn't think so, but for THON Finance Overall Vicki Marone, this is a daily task. After the jump, find out how Marone, and her committee in forest green, make sure that every last penny is accounted for, resulting in one of the most exciting moments of THON Weekend: the total reveal. Dolla, dolla bill y'all!

What Your Caffeine Says About You

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. So what does your Venti Mocha Caramel Skinny Chai say about you? A lot more than you think...

LGBT Student Alliance Celebrates “Kiss Out”

“1-2-3-4, open up your closet door. 5-6-7-8, don’t assume your friends are straight!” rang through the ground floor of the HUB yesterday afternoon. Following the cheer, a half dozen same sex couples took the opportunity to engage in some serious PDA for everyone in the HUB to see.

THON 101: Merchandise

It is hard to spend a day on campus without seeing at least a dozen people sporting THON gear, and this would not be possible without the hard efforts of the Merchandise Committee.

THON 101: Supply Logistics

With an event of the magnitude of THON, acquiring the large amount of materials needed to create decorations that are scattered throughout the Bryce Jordan Center is quite a task, but where does it all come from?

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