Slides of Strength Get Dancers off Their Feet

Who knew that a wrestling mat covered with baby powder could provide so much relief for dancers?

Five times throughout THON weekend, dancers will have the opportunity to dive onto the mat head first and receive a full-body rub down, courtesy of the OPPerations Committee.  The Slides of Strength event are an OPP tradition at THON, and dancers said they look forward to for a slight break in the action–which the OPP members are more than eager to provide.

“It’s really the only time [the dancers] get to be off their feet, it just helps them relax,” said Junior OPP Captain Amy Homan.

The second round of sliding just finished, but two more half hour sessions are yet to come, as will the finale: an hour slide that takes place Sunday just before family hour.

“It was beyond words,” said Penn State Marketing Association dancer and Onward State writer Ally Greer. “I thought it was going to be uncomfortable because I’m ticklish, but it was awesome.”

Early this afternoon, OPP members lined both sides of the mat for a half hour chanting, “We want the dancers.” And they were obliged: two by two the dancers dove face first into the powder, eagerly awaiting their much deserved massages. Many of the THON children on the floor also took advantage of the makeshift slip-and-slide after seeing how much fun the dancers were having.

“When you’re standing for that long, your muscles just get so tired,” said OPP committee member Rob Schlener. “Even just a ten-second massage can make a difference and help carry the dancers through the weekend.”

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