Saturday Night Stories: Most Memorable Moment So Far

As we hurdle into the final day, THON 2012 has certainly been an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, especially the dancers. Four dancers took a quick break from their regularly-scheduled activities to tell us what has made their weekend special so far.


Kaitlin Kelley (Independent)


“My most memorable moment was definitely playing catch with a child that I never met before. I got to meet her, and it took away all my pain. It reminded me why we’re here this weekend.”

Derek Stufflet (Penn State Schuylkill)

“I’d say my most memorable moment of THON so far is definitely meeting our Four Diamonds kid for the first time. The kids are a lot of fun and they definitely keep me going and make the time go faster.”

Samantha Shewan (Penn State Wilkes-Barre)

“My favorite moment of THON so far is definitely the human tunnel. Running through, there was so much adrenaline.”

Steve Kalasky (Student Red Cross Club)

“My favorite moment of THON so far was the human tunnel because of the smoke, lights, and people cheering. Knowing that we had all that support was indescribable.”

Although we’re into the final day, we’re sure that these dancers will have plenty more memorable moments. Keep it up, guys!

Images by Michael Misciagno and Alex Federman

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