[Video] THON: Slides of Strength + Final Reveal Reaction

As I mentioned in a previous post, I really dig my GoPro camera. I decided to strap it on one of our own staff members, John Tecce, for his last Slide of Strength. From John’s point of view, you can experience what many dancers had the opportunity to do this weekend: slide down a mat covered in baby powder and get a quick massage!

John also wore the GoPro for the announcement of the final total reveal for THON 2012. I think the reaction of John and those around him really captures the essence of the BJC after the numbers were raised.  In regards to this video, John stated, “The reveal was one of the most significant and emotional moments of my entire life, and this is the most priceless keepsake I could possibly have from it. Memories sometimes fade or change, but this video won’t.”

And for those of you who just need to see the Moraler POV video [again], I threw it in here, for your viewing pleasure. Famed Penn State photographer Andy Colwell also did this a few hours after seeing my video and ended up being tweeted at saying I beat him to it. Cool story, bro.

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