THON 2013 Overall Chairperson Applications Due Today

For some, the remaining 339 days until THON Weekend 2013 may seem like an eternity. But, for this year’s most motivated THON leaders, there is no time to be wasted. The time for first step of the exciting planning process of the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, the selection of an Overall Chairperson, has come.

Overall Chairperson hopefuls will be putting the finishing touches on their detailed applications and handing them in today by 5pm. The applications, whose highlights include the leadership qualities, problem solving skills, and ability to work with many different organizations of the candidates, will be turned in to the 2012 Overall Chairperson, Elaine Tanella, as well as the THON Faculty advisor, Barry Bram, for evaluation.

The THON Overall Chairperson works all year long with the rest of the Overall Committee, the Four Diamonds Fund, THON volunteers, and the Penn State community as a whole to make the fundraising season as well as THON Weekend itself the best and most successful that they can possibly be.

As quoted on the Penn State Dance Marathon Facebook page, “Cancer doesn’t stop, so why should we?”

Best of luck to those applying!

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